What is it? ‘Starting over’ or ‘moving on’.

Published May 28, 2016 by thebabycruse

My question is drawn from an everyday examination i do of myself, where i ask myself what am doing when i try to forget something that had happened in the past.  i dont really forget, we dont really forget. But move on, I must.

Starting over is difficult, very difficult but is it really starting over? because i dont forget the past, i just continue living but deciding not to go back to that decision that brought me to that place that is bad or difficult. Its like driving to a destination and you get to a point and there is a raod block, i find another way to get to my destination. if i have to wait to pass through i wait but if i have another alternative i take it. but the most important thing is that i dont forget that i got to the road block, infact it is now part of my story about the journey.

This is how life is, no matter where i have reached, i always ask myself, is this where you are supposed to be? if yes, then what is the next thing for me to do. if not, i have to find a way out of here so i can get on the right track and actually be where i am supposed to be.

Relationships, decisions, thoughts, reactions etc all come out badly sometimes infact most times but starting over shouldnt be difficult but it is. i want to really encourage people today, never give up. Trying to forget is a waste of time, just make a move to the next place if you realise that where you are is not the right place. always ask yourself am i in the right place?

For those that didnt want that pregnancy, that marriage, that school, that decision, that house, that reaction,that sickness or disease, that situation, infact that thing that you wanted to be different, but it is not, dont worry becasue its just a detour, you made the turn you shouldn’t make, now find your way back to the right road and determine to stay on it.

It is not starting over but moving on to the next step, the next decision, the next trial, the next option etc the most important thing is believing in yourself and God he has helped me so much to move on instead of trying so hard to start over.


Published August 17, 2015 by thebabycruse

Always pray to meet the right people…prayers go ahead of you into the places you cannot reach with your human hands and make it reachable…have a splendid day!

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Public place Breastfeeding…

Published August 11, 2015 by thebabycruse

Hello everyone, I have observed that there are some challenges that the developed countries have that we don’t have in Nigeria, well not as it is for them…

The issue of breastfeeding in public has made me think of our Nigerian women and how they are the ones to dictate where and how they breastfeed their babies…while you the passerby ‘take cover’ as you are the one been stigmatized by the sight…if not you will be called a ‘perv’ if male and ‘rude’ if female.

But today I need mothers and other people (passersby) to comment with their experiences on  public breastfeeding in Nigeria… my expectations are high…

I want to try and collate some data…reasonable of course, concerning this breastfeeding issue…well is not so much of an issue for us as I have come to observe but it is one area that we need to grow as a country.

If we really want to be developed as a country then we need to address the issue but it has to start with you and me, so join me as we start the change. say your experiences and suggest a solution.

But if you think it is, bear the question below in mind when commenting okay.

Question: Should there be more breastfeeding stalls for mothers in public places or not?

Remember, never compare your child with others, but learn to teach them and mold them the best way you can.

nursing mother

home made baby food!

Published August 10, 2015 by thebabycruse

banga Soup eba egusi 2 egusi ogbono oha okro 2Hello mothers, you can make your baby’s food from scratch instead of buying the already made imported ones, I know some mothers might not have the time, but you can reach out to me to make it for you.

I have some examples here with pictures, if you really want your baby to have those nutrients that they need , please reduce if possible stop the use of imported foods then start making yours.

Mashed bananas, avocado, English pears etc. you can mash them or blend them and put in containers but don’t do too much so it doesn’t lose the nutrients.

We are Africans, lets not devalue our own foods and make it look like its only the western worlds that have everything going for them, we have natural foods rich in nutrients that are healthy for our children.

You can feed your babies swallow and soup too, don’t wait until they are 2 or 3 or even 5 like some people, just start early and you will see the difference. and also don’t forget the almighty ‘BREASTMILK’ its the first and foremost of all foods.

You can comment with your requests if you don’t have time to make them or a step by step process, but believe me its very easy.

For those who can afford baby food processor, please do buy, and don’t look at it like its only meant for the ‘oyinbo’ people, its meant for us too…

food processor

For the  Nigerian soups, you might not have to give your baby the vegetable and egusi soups a lot because of too much bowel movement, but you can do the ones I listed in picture form:

Banga, Ogbono, Okro, egusi, oha, even Ukazi and ofe owerre, your children can eat a lot of them.

I know one of my friends baby loves eba and ogbono, yesterday I was with them and the boy was chowing down egusi and eba like he was not going to eat it again, when his dad came back and was served the same thing, the boy moved base and when to eat eba again!, so the mom said he loves eba and guess what he is just 3 years old.

So if you don’t want to do swallow which I suggest, you can do the adult food but mashed until he/she can chew on it, :

Mashed beans, rice, potatoes, pasta, fio fio ( for those who understand what I mean, its a type of beans that comes with the pods like foreign green peas) Okpa, moi moi is easy to eat because its soft already, akara is good too, with oatmeal and custard which am sure some mothers already feed their babies. I know a boy who loved oats, he would not eat anything else if not for oats and he takes oatmeal treats too as bribe, imagine that…

The most important thing of all Moms, is to observe your baby, never compare your child or children with others, teach them, you have the capacity to do so, and make sure you pay attention to their character changes, they say a lot without talking.

mashed-bananas Open-Faced-Avocado-Spread-Sandwiches-2-600x400 Mashed Rutabagas & Apples by Kitchen Parade 2005-400.JPG 79711501   Organic-Baby-Food

The school holiday is for fun not for pain or sorrow..

Published July 24, 2015 by thebabycruse

I saw a mother crying in the mall….’am just tired, we have been looking for him for like 20 minutes now’, she said……her 3 year old son had run off and was missing…..

As the mother explained,they had come to window shop and also get some things for the house and while she was busy looking round the boy let go and started running around the mall, she said she didn’t run after him because he was not far from her but in a twinkle of an eye, it could have been another story entirely for that family all in the name of shopping.

Believe me shopping is not bad but it’s not a hobby or a leisure kind of thing,it’s a necessity as in it is very necessary to human living. So I don’t think it should be approached with unseriousness. Yes you can have fun while shopping if you don’t have anything else you need to do, but when you are with a child below 10, you should be very watchful, Infact any age at all, because tragedy does not know age or gender.

We in this country believe the word “summer” it’s meant for the rich and famous who have the money to travel abroad for the holiday; even if it’s Ghana or Ivory Coast. I am relieved a bit that most of the people that don’t see themselves as rich and famous are coming to terms with the idea that summer time is for everyone both for The oyibo people and us, whether you are rich or poor. The emphasis is on the season not in the process of spending time during the season, whatever you do it still remains summer until the season changes.

Some parents are part of the reason why some children see seasons or things in general differently. Remember parents mould the children first before they go out into the world. Please be ware of what you feed your Children especially mentally. It can affect them in a perpetual way that only God can restore that child or children in some cases.

Now concerning doing things with your children this summer, instead of putting yourself through pain by not watching over them when you take them out, just stay indoors and do some exercises like reading, puzzle games and all kinds of educative and mind developing games like word games,If you have boys indulge them in games, a less violent one and girls can learn to make dress or braid hair…..it’s never too early to start, universities these days are reviewing curriculums so you never know which course they will pick I think we have a lot of all the big engineers and doctors already waiting for where to fit in yet……so broaden your horizon…..

You can make lists of what you need with them in the house and let it be fun, then you go alone and get the things, believe me you spend less and it’s faster too.. So you don’t have to go through some minutes madness like  that woman at the mall went through.

My people, we are changing and the world we live in is changing and things are being modified and technologized  daily….pardon me I couldn’t find something that suits better….so don’t be left out or be victims of the change, be a part of the change but for good and not for bad.

God did not tell us to be free so we can put ourselves in deep messes He has already gotten us out of one major one…so all we need do is just be wise and not let what other people do overtake our own power of freewill.

This summer, watch over your Children like a hawk and let God do his part with His angels, don’t give them your job. And if you have a nanny, observe her or him or them as some people have and make sure they don’t pull the rug from under you…if you need to make adjustments at work it’s worth the sacrifice and don’t feel bad even if they have to cut into your salary, believe me your children’s time with you is more precious than anything.

Most importantly, plan yourself always because even The bible advises us to but make sure you plan and commit it to Gods hands then he will direct your path. Even if you don’t have enough money and are saving for something better and more important don’t worry, just make the best of the time you have with them.

I once met a guy who had three children and didn’t have much, he was worried that the holidays might be boring and dull because the children are older and they need more things to stimulate them, so I asked him if he had DSTV or GOTV he said he has GOTV, I encouraged him to pay for the one he can afford an try and watch as a family, when they pick programs to watch together it will be fun, they didn’t have money for travel or shopping but they had each other, when I saw his wife I asked her and she said he comes home early most times from his shop so he can spend more time with the children and her and he even help with house chores and the children’s summer home work and projects.

Be versatile this summer don’t look at what others are doing so you don’t die of heart attack or fall into the wrong hands or crowd. Be content and thank God but make sure you are not pretending, you might fool man but you can’t fool God, self denial brings sorrow and pain too. And you that you have plenty money thank God too and sow into peoples lives this summer….self righteousness causes even more pain and sorrow because you live in perpetual denial.

Shop if you need to with your family but be very very very observant and watchful  don’t let the devil laugh this season….God pass Devil…….

God bless you all….

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